The Issues


First Things First

As a Sarasota County School Board Member, I will:

Instill An “I Can Do It” Attitude

Every teacher, every child, every day can accomplish their goals with the necessary resources and support.

The Exceptional Student Education (ESE) area is a struggle for EVERY school district and Sarasota is no exception. With 30 years of experience as a special education teacher, principal and district-level assistant director, I bring a rare insight into how children learn and how a district can plan to help them achieve their dreams. Wherever a child is on the learning spectrum, we must meet their needs. This is one way our county schools can maintain their “A” rating.

With my experience and track record, I will advocate for ALL children, especially the nearly 8,000 ESE students and their parents.

Enhance Parent/Teacher Partnerships

I call it “Team Education”

In ALL cases the very best team in education for the very best outcomes always includes the parents, teachers, subject matter experts, and of course the student. NEVER partisan politics. We need to ensure that our children do not become pawns in the current divisive climate. For ultimate success of Team Education, teachers require extra support, from competitive salaries to professional development to the necessary tools and resources. I believe my ESE expertise is essential to create a well-rounded, harmonious Sarasota County School Board team.

I will advocate to bring teamwork to the schools and the school board.

mother and daughter in a meeting with a teacher
male teacher smiling while looking at students sitting at their desks with hands raised

Improve the Mental Health Climate

In the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in behavior problems within our schools

The pandemic is one reason mental health issues with both students and staff have increased. Another is the advent of social media, which has adversely impacted our students and families. The topics of suicide ideology, depression, anxiety, and bullying are directly connected to social media. Frankly, as an educator, this is not news to me. I have had a front-row seat to this crisis and the lasting impact on all of us. We need to respond with a sense of urgency by teaching students appropriate coping skills to safely navigate their new normal to develop into successful adults.

I will advocate to give students and teachers the tools to change this dangerous trajectory.